Rainbow Residents

Rainbow Bridge

Welcome to the Rainbows Bridge Resident application at Saving Graces 4 Felines of Greenville, North Carolina. All residencies reserved from this site will generate a $10 donation when completed and every year thereafter that it is renewed. This incentive program is sponsored bywww.RainbowsBridge.com in hopes that together, we can help provide a better life for those animals less fortunate then our own Babies. The fee for a Rainbow Residency is $35 per year.

The loss of a special fur baby is difficult. There is no love greater than the Unconditional love we received. 

We invite you to enter your beloved Fur Baby as a Rainbow Resident.

You will choose the Residency Stone and where in Rainbows Bridge your Baby will reside. You may also place toys & treats, flowers, shrubs, or a candle at your Babys residency. You can provide an epitaph and stories of the special memories you have of your departed Baby as well as have a picture placed on the Residency Stone.

You can then return at any time to visit. And with a password that you choose, leave different toys and treats, change the shrubs and flowers, choose the appropriate landscape depending on the season, and provide another story of a special memory.

To begin, please complete the Rainbow Residency Application below. There is no obligation while creating or previewing your Baby’s residency. All boxes must be filled in though, in order to process your Preview Rainbow Residency.


Our Promise to You: At no time will the information you provide to Rainbows Bridge be sold, shared, given to, or let be seen by any other organization.