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Dowdy and Ficklin were born to a stray mommy cat (sometime in early September 2010), and they were around 3 months old when rescued. They were shy little guys when they were adopted from SG4F in February of 2011, but they adjusted well in their new home. They loved playing with feather wands and purred when they were held. But their new family decided a couple of years later to bring two new dogs into the home, and Dowdy and Ficklin were very afraid of the dogs.The dogs were loud and liked to give chase–and for two laid back, quiet guys like Dowdy and Ficklin, this was just TOO much! They began to spend most of their time hiding, and their family was concerned that they weren’t eating enough, and they knew the cats were not living a happy life. So regretfully, they returned them to SG4F. Now, at almost 4 years of age, the boys are adjusting well in their foster home. They are sweet in nature, and extremely handsome! We are requesting that anyone interested in adopting these guys not have any dogs in the home. They would also be happiest in a home where they wasn’t too much noise and activity. The adoption fee for each is $75.00 in cash, and a good vet reference is required.

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