Angels Among Us

Have you wanted to find a way to help homeless cats, but didn’t have the time or extra funds to donate? Or maybe you live where there is a No Pets policy or have a family member with allergies and cannot have a cat. The “Angels Among Us” campaign offers a variety of opportunities for you to work toward finding happy endings for rescued cats. When you look at the many faces of cats and kittens on our web site, you see that so many cats are waiting for a special home where they are safe and loved. As a No-Kill Shelter, many of our cats wait for years for a home because they are adults, have a minor medical or behavioral problem, or are an unpopular color. Did you know that black and tortoiseshell cats are the most overlooked by potential adopters?

We created 3 categories of Angels. Please look at them and consider if you can be an Angel for a cat. Note that there can be more than one Angel for a cat. When you pick a cat, your name, city, and state will be listed as the cat’s Angel.


Select a cat from the web site and provide financial assistance of any amount you wish. The donation will be used to provide food, shelter, and veterinary care for this cat. Saving Graces 4 Felines will send the sponsor pictures and background information about the sponsored cat. Donations may be submitted annually or monthly, it is your choice.


At this level, you or a group select a cat to help by working toward finding others to donate to its care and/or find a home. No money is required, just a willingness to help and some creativity. Some ideas we have formulated, but not limited to, are as follows:

  • Suggest to friends and family to visit the SG4F’s web site to look at available cats

  • Print your selected cat’s picture from the web and write a caption, “Needs a Loving Home” and place it on a work, school or church bulletin board.

  • Email the cat’s picture to friends and family.

  • Put a donation jar on your desk with the cat’s picture on it.

  • Organize a yard or bake sale, or cat walk to raise money.

  • Use the search engine, Good Search, and designate Saving Graces 4 Felines as the recipient charity and encourage others to do the same.

  • Sign up your MVP card with Food Lion’s Shop and Share program designating Saving Graces 4 Felines as the recipient. (We are listed under Winterville, NC). Tell your friends about this program and it costs nothing to participate!

  • Local residents: Offer to take your selected cat on one of the TV spots available to SG4F’s by WITN-TV and tell the public about this cat.

  • Use your imagination and have fun!


This Angel fosters the cat for Saving Graces 4 Felines (until it is adopted) or adopts the cat. Saving Graces 4 Felines provides food, litter, bowls, litter box, and veterinary care for fostered cats. At this level, all of the other suggestions are relevant also.

This level of commitment could also involve planning a fundraiser to assist with expenses for the shelter, cat care expenses, veterinary bills, and the Low Cost Spay/Neuter Fund to assist low-income cat and dog owners.

The reality is there are too many unwanted cats and kittens and too few people to rescue, love, and care for them. The sad truth is that there is not enough homes for all that are born, which is why the spay/neuter program is crucial. We must solicit help from the community, in terms of time, volunteer assistance, and financial help if the work is to continue. The calls pour in for us to help, but we receive very few calls from those offering to help the animals. Will you do what you can? Anything you can do will make a difference. Our motto has been from the beginning: “One life saved, one difference made.” Will you make a difference?