Post Op Care

Cat Post Op

While in our care, your feral cat was spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies and feline rabies and other feline diseases, his/her left ear was tipped ¼” straight across, ears were cleaned and treated for mites (if necessary), and finally he/she was treated with Frontline and combed for fleas. Veterinarians also treat cats that may have other injuries as noted during the procedure.

Post-Surgical Care For Feral Cats:

These post-surgical instructions apply to feral cats only, and should not be applied to pet cats for any reason.

All cats are placed in a recovery carrier/trap after surgery. They should remain there at all times. Male cats may be released the following morning. Females, however, should be confined for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours due to the high amount of stress they endure being confined.  Canned food may be offered through the trap openings as early as the evening after surgery. On occasion the ear that was tipped may bleed, but under no circumstances should persistent bleeding from the incision (fresh, red blood) be considered normal. Seek help immediately. Do not attempt to handle these cats or open the carrier door to add food or water. Any food, water or ice cubes should be put inside the food dish attached to the front of the carrier.

What constitutes an emergency?

BLEEDING…bright red blood coming from the scrotum in males, or the abdominal incision in females.

What does not constitute an emergency?

Flipping, rolling, vocalizing, beating face against the front of the cage, panting, urinating, defecating. Please do not call the emergency clinic for these problems.

Carrier Cleaning Instructions: 

Please return carriers clean and disinfected. Discard all soiled newspapers. If your carrier has a mat, please do not throw it away!!! Wash all sides, top and bottom—inside and out with hot, soapy water and bleach. Also wash mat and food dish. Let stand a few minutes then rinse thoroughly. Turn carrier on its end with door on bottom. Allow to air dry. Replace dish and mat—carrier is now ready for our next clinic.

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