In Memory of Our Feline Angels

If Tears Could Build A
Stairway, And Memories
A Lane, I’d Walk Right Up
To Heaven And Bring
You Home Again

Rainbows Bridge


Get information on a Rainbows Bridge Memorial for your pet while benefiting Saving Graces 4 Felines.

In Memory of Johanna

Johanna Blue Elkins, the Love of My Life, my Princessa Contessa–you took a piece of my soul with you when you went to heaven, and I’ll never be complete again until I am with you. You will always be my greatest love. Love forever, your Mommy Joanne. June 30, 2001~~October 21, 2010.



In Memory Judah

Judah Elkins, My Heart, my Prince of Praise. I love you more than words can ever say, and I miss you so much. You always watched over me, and you were such a good boy. My life is not complete without you. I look forward to the day in heaven when you can ride my shoulders once more and lick my hair. Love forever, your Mommy Joanne. August 15, 1999~~May 24, 2011.



In Memory of Luke

In memory of our precious Luke Elkins, who not only brought love and joy into our lives, but who also filled it with laughter. Luke, you were such a vital presence that life will never be the same without you. We will love you forever and never stop missing you. You’ll always be my Lukey Pook.

Love, Mommy

Luke 5-09

In Memory of Olivia

Olivia was quite a special cat. She was rescued from a terrible situation as a stray eating with other strays from a dumpster. Saving Graces 4 Felines learned about the situation with these neighborhood cats and picked up the tame ones, which were placed for adoption. Trapped the feral ones, neutered them and relocated them to a safe situation. Olivia was easy to catch because she was blind, probably due to an untreated eye infection. She was a loving girl and to our surprise, the very first cat to be adopted from our newly established rescue. A wonderful couple from Kinston, Bob and Marlene, heard about her and fell in love with her. They gave her 7 wonderful years of a safe and loving home life. Olivia passed away from cancer in April and is greatly missed.



In memory of Skipper, our sweet little buddy, you left us too soon. With all of our love,

Pam and Harold



Millie, we miss you so much every day.
You never met a stranger, and you were always ready to play.
You were our sweetheart, our angel.
You left us too soon, three years wasn’t long enough.
We will always love you, even though you aren’t by our side.
You hold a place in our hearts nothing could ever fill.

Love Aaron, Kimrey, and Lilly



In memory of my Josiah, whom I love more than words can ever say. I will hold you always in my heart until the day in heaven, when I can hold you again in my arms.

From your mommy, Joanne.



Donations have been made by Trish Morris, Denny and Cheryl Purser, and Dr. Sandra MacKenzie in memory of Junior. Junior was a young feral cat trapped in downtown Greenville in 2002, just after Saving Graces 4 Felines was founded. He had congenital kidney disease and died at the young age of 5 years. He became a loving cat to the volunteers and never met another cat he didn’t like. He was a protector of little kittens demonstrated through his loving tenderness for them.

He was our special boy and we will miss him terribly.

Joanne, Marilyn, Patty, and Pam




Gus, we’ll always love you, and we will never forget you. Someday when we arrive in heaven and see you again, there will be no more fear, and for the very first time we will hold you in our arms. Now and forever, be happy and free sweet boy.

From those who love you, Saving Graces 4 Felines
Updated 4/18/2006



Mama Kitty
Beloved companion to Greg, Marilyn, and Christopher Smith
from Winterville, NC



In Loving Memory by Saving Graces 4 Felines
from Greenville, NC



Remembered With Love by Marine and Fabien
from Kinston, NC



In Loving Memory by Aileen Tobias and Farah
from Washington, NC

Jamie made our hearts sing and our hearts sink.
But in the short amount of time Jamie was with us
there was one constant: Jamie elicited love from
everyone who knew her.
And Jamie loved everyone whose lives
she touched with no reservation.
She did not hesitate to show it.
She was taken too soon from her forever home
and will always be remembered and loved by
all who knew her.
Jamie was an angel who lived a short, but fulfilled life;
an angel because she surely knows what it is to love
and to be loved!

We will miss you, Jamie!



Marley, namesake for The MARLEY FUND
Remembered with Love by Joy Eubanks
from Greenville, NC



In Loving Memory by Joy Eubanks
from Greenville, NC


A donation has been made
In Memory of Barney, beloved friend of Linda Mayne
from Greenville, NC by Marilyn and Pam

A donation has been made
In Memory of Trevor (Speck)
from Greenville, NC by Marilyn and Pam

A donation has been made
In Memory of Ambrose
from Greenville, NC by Marilyn and Pam

A donation has been made
In Memory of PeeWee
from Greenville, NC by Marilyn and Pam

A donation has been made
In Memory of Ted
from Greenville, NC by Marilyn and Pam


There will be a special place in heaven, a place with no pain or disease, for the kitties who suffer on earth with FIV or Feline Leukemia. There you will find our beloved Lucky!
In Memory of Lucky
from Greenville, NC by Marilyn and Pam



A donation has been made
In Memory of Bam Bam, beloved friend of Linda Mayne
from Greenville, NC by Greg, Marilyn and Pam


A donation has been made
In Memory of Lucky, beloved family member of Pam Byrd
from Washington, NC by Pam