Lost Cat

What to do when your cat is lost

As soon as you realize that your cat has become lost, you should immediately call your local animal control agency to see if they have found a cat matching your cat’s description. In Pitt County, the number for the Pitt County Animal Control is 252-902-1729. Then you should call the animal rescue groups in the area to see if anyone has turned in a cat matching that description. Other rescue groups can be found listed in the phone book, by calling veterinary practices, or by calling local pet stores. If none of these groups has seen your cat, you should then call all the veterinary practices in your area, since many people will turn stray cats in to them or will list stray cats on their bulletin boards. You should run an ad in the local newspapers and on craigslist.com. You should place fliers with your cat’s picture and description all around your neighborhood. You should go door to door and speak with your neighbors about your lost cat, showing them a good, clear picture of the cat. If you have a Face Book account, be sure to post about your lost cat on your wall every day, until the cat is found. Post on the walls of local rescue groups, also. And since your cat might not have gone far from home, but might just be afraid and in hiding, leave out a bowl of food and water each night, so that he will stay nearby and not go hungry. Borrow or buy a safe trap and set it at dusk each evening. It might take weeks to trap your cat, if he’s very afraid, but keep at it. (We know of folks who have trapped their cat a month after it went missing.) Also, keep calling and checking at animal control to see if your cat finds his way there. Once your cat is safe and sound at home again, consider getting him micro chipped, so that he can easily be identified if he winds up at animal control. Also, do your best to assure that he will not accidentally get out of your house again.